Want Me to Review Your Subscription Box?

Halston and River is a curated directory of subscription box providers which service Australia, Dubai, United Kingdom and United States.   We make it easy to find a subscription box to suit everyone and every interest!
Halston and River is currently accepting subscription boxes to review and advertise from all businesses which ship to these locations.
Our Review Policy
  • Reviews are free of charge.
  • Halston and River will not provide a positive review as compensation or in exchange for the box.  The review is intended to help our readers make informed decisions about which subscription boxes to choose, and is not intended to be a sponsored advertisement for your business.  Accordingly, our reviews will outline our honest experience and opinion with respect to your subscription box.
  • Reviews are conducted by a Halston and River representative (Australia, United Arab Emirates, UK and USA) within a week after they have received your box.
  • The subscription box forwarded to Halston and River must be consistent with the monthly box which a subscriber would receive.
  • The review will be posted on the blog under the category “Box Reviews”.
  • For every box sent, you will receive a separate review (e.g a full year’s monthly subscription will receive 12 reviews).
  • The review will contain:-
    • Image(s) depicting the contents of the box.
    • Detailed description outlining the contents of the box.
    • Details regarding the value of the box.
    • Details of any available promotion.  Feel free to get in contact with us to advise us of any discount, promotion, early product release etc that you wish us to include in your review.
    • A link to your Halston and River directory listing.
    • A link to your website including any specific subscription box product link.
    • We will consider whether your business delivers what is promised (e.g 5-7 products, sample size beauty products, $50.00 value).
  • After the review is published, a link to the review will be provided to you.

Our Box Reviews allow our readers to take a closer look at the subscription boxes each month and make an informed decision prior to subscribing.

****** If you currently operate a subscription box and would like me to review it, shoot me an email at info@halstonandriver.com and we can make it happen! *****

April 2017: New Subscription Box Directory Members

At Halston and River we have curated a Directory of Subscription Boxes for Every Interest making it easier for you to find the subscription box that you need (or don’t really need but whatever, you love it!).

For a limited time only, we have a trial listing available where subscription box members can list their business in our directory for a six month period for FREE.  We would like to formally welcome our Trial Members and introduce you to some awesome subscription boxes that you can find through our Directory.Continue Reading →

What Is A Subscription Box?

The doorbell rings.  The moment has finally come after a month of anticipation.  On your doorstep you see a familiar box which you swiftly sweep up and move to the kitchen counter.  You impatiently break the seal to open the box.  The box opens to reveal tissue paper overlapping with a sticker.  You break the sticker to unwrap the paper which now reveals the contents of your subscription box.  The excitement is building.  One by one you remove each product from the box, checking each one out as you place it on the kitchen counter.  You know you will have time to check them out more thoroughly but for now, you just need to satiate the thrill of opening the box and finding out what is inside! Finally, your box has arrived and you can now enjoy your subscription box, satisfied until the waiting for the next box begins…Continue Reading →