Japanese products you need in your life

This is one of the most exciting boxes Ive received!

The Kawaii Box is filled with 8-10 kawaii products from Japan and Korea. Life without kawaii is too sad….read on to get the chance to win a Kawaii box aswell 😉

Ive lived a life of LOTS of travel and one of my favorite places in the world and somewhere I even considered to be a permanent home is Japan. There is something about the fact its so unique that gets you every time.

One of my favourite things to do was to visit the 100 Yen shops and walk the isles discovering all the crazy, odd,  useful and bang on genius products they would have.

The smells and tastes and unique quality are something I always miss.

So to get this delightful package was brilliant for me!

The package is in a beautifully bright box, covered in hearts! it was really hard to reclaim it back from my 5 year old daughter!

Inside I was delighted to read a quote Im often heard saying myself “Cuteness overload” my thoughts exactly.

Wrapped in a beautiful Pink, white and love heart tissue paper were 10 products!!



A soft and warm pair of low rise socks with the cutest happy face over your toes.

A stamp set that comes in a box with over 10 different stamps inside.This would be so cute to use for marking Homework! or even for the letters we right.

A sheet of puffy stickers all about Dolphins.

The cutest soft stuffed penguin key chain. He’s juts adorable and we would love to hang from out bag.

I LOVE the little pink and gold key chain with a burger and french fries! this one I’m defiantly keeping for myself!!

A adorable pen with a doughnut hanging form the top.

A cupcake coin purse with a key chain on it this would make finding  my coins a breeze.

A packet with a milk and strawberry eraser. These two are so cute.

Gudetama key chain which are the most adorable Japanese products meaning lazy eggs.

And also I know Kawaii always like to throw in a little snack and this time it is box of strawberry pocky which are chocolate coated biscuit sticks.

For $18.90 a box for a 6 month subscription its a whole lot of value and there is something for everyone.

We rate the kawaii box 5/5

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Australian Subscription Boxes – Best Value For Money

Subscription boxes are not only a fantastic monthly surprise but they can also save you money. We’ve put together a list of our best value for money Australian Subscription Boxes.

Chilli & Vanilla

This one is for all the foodies out there. It is said that the best option to really get to know a culture is through its food, and it could not get more exciting than doing it with carefully curated gourmet goods.

With the Chilli & Vanilla box, you can travel around Australia from the comfort of your home and discover the nation’s hidden gourmet gems. Each box contains a selection of 6 to 8 savoury artisanal products from different regions. The products range from ready-to-eat goods to mouthwatering products that will step up your game in the kitchen.

Chilli & Vanilla offer different subscription packages ranging from a monthly one ($65); a 3 month prepay package (with a price of $61.75 per box), and a 6 month prepay package (paying as little as $60.78 per box).

So, are you ready to experience Australia from your dining table?


Are you a beautyholic? If so, today is your lucky day. Full of surprises, Bellabox offers its subscribers an amazing experience discovering the new beauty trends from the comfort of their home saving them time and money.

When you subscribe to Bellabox, you will receive monthly boxes with 5+ beauty products so you can try new cosmetics each month without the hassle of going shopping. Each sample comes in a generous size so you can really experience the product.

Their boxes contain beauty treats from around the world that range from skincare and makeup to body and hair products. Everything you need to pamper yourself and release your inner goddess. The best part is that if you fall in love with the tailored samples inside your beauty box, you can buy the full-size products directly from their e-commerce boutique.

Bellabox has a subscription box available for everyone. The generic Bellabox comes with a monthly subscription plan of $17.95. The Bellobox (a subscription box specialised in male grooming products) comes with a quarterly subscription plan of $30, and the Bellababy for the little ones comes with a monthly subscription plan of $24.95 and an annually subscription plan of $19.92. A recent study published in Beautyheaven showed that women spend around $3,600 per year on beauty and grooming, so imagine all the savings you can have by subscribing to Bellabox!

Honey and Co Club

This subscription box offers monthly kits with interesting activities that do not require technology, helping your kids to expand their horizons past the xbox.

Joining the Honey Club is really easy as you can choose from a single box ($39) or a monthly subscription box ($34). When subscribing to Honey and Co Club your kids will also receive a special surprise on their birthday.

The boxes will be addressed to your kids so the excitement of receiving a personal package is even bigger. They are specially tailored for different age groups so you will have to choose your kids’ age group when you subscribe to Honey and Co Club, ensuring your children will get a truly unique experience.

Each box contains a different colourful custom design canvas bag where they can keep all their treasures, an age appropriate toy or two, as well as a Honey the friendly Labrador postcard story. Depending on the age group, the items can slightly vary from outdoor and craft activities to books and fun items.

Honey and Co Club also gives you the opportunity to purchase past best sellers boxes! So you never miss out.


This is a must for all the book lovers. Bookabuy will deliver a different hand-picked gift-wrapped book along with a personalised message to your door each month.

When you subscribe to Bookabuy, you will have to give them some information about your reading taste so they can send you a tailored book matching your interests. Depending on the book category you choose, subscription prices range from $23 to $39. You also have the option to accompany your book with tea ($42); candles ($55), and socks ($53). Most Australians spend $432 per year in books, so subscribing to Bookabuy can translate into fantastic savings!

This subscription box was launched by two book lovers wanting to share the love for books while also promote a reading culture by donating $1 for every subscription sold to Books in Homes Australia, an organisation that encourages children to read.

Calling all Mums, Dads & Kids this is a Club you need to Join!

Box Basics

The Curly Clues Box is aimed at helping kids ages 3-8 connect with their parents, and helping them “spark creativity, connect socially, and grow emotionally”. I personally don’t have kids this age, but I can definitely see how this would be perfect for young kids. As soon as I opened the box, there were lots of bright colors and things to look through. It was one of those times when I was impressed as soon as I very excitedly tore the tape off of the box. This box’s theme was “Sibling Conflict” and that was clear as soon as I got to the first welcome letter.


Box Manual: Explained everything in the box with instructions for the crafts, ideas for how to use all of the activities and generally how to make the most out of everything included

Activity: Yoga Cards
Craft: Tissue paper flowers
Game: Small jigsaw puzzle
Pretend Play Craft: Masks, with glitter glue and sequins
Book: “Bug and Boo” by Kyle Carlin

The Cost

Single Box: $34.99 per month plus shipping.
3-6 Month Subscription: $24.99 per month plus shipping

Watch our Unboxing of the Curly Clues Club Here

Personally, I was really happy with how everything was packaged. It included everything needed for all of the crafts, down to scissors to use for the tissue paper flowers craft. The manual included very detailed instructions, and even talking points to bring the book to life. I loved this box and I would 100% recommend it to my friends with young kids! I have already passed it on to a friend with 3 young children (ages 7, 4, and 2) and I got to watch how excited they all were to open it. I hope they love it as much as I did!

Halston & River Rating