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Queensland, Australia
Located on the Gold Coast and surrounded by some of the best dog beaches and beautiful Hinterlands in Australia, Golden Swag was founded in 2017 by Rebecca and her Golden Retriever, Malley. Alaska has since joined the tribe as a product tester and social media influencer.
As a pup-parent, Rebecca enjoys spoiling her Goldens with engaging toys, tasty, natural treats, cute accessories and freedom runs on the beach.
Rebecca thought, “Why stop with Malley?” and although she cannot take every dog to the beach, she has designed Golden Swag to help make all Aussie Goldens and their friends (because Goldens are friends with EVERYONE) happy and healthy.
Rebecca has been lucky to be part of an online Golden Retriever community and is very close with Malley’s breeder, Carrie Fry, thus meaning Golden Swag has been able to network with a broad range of people who all adore Goldens and know what’s tail wagging worthy for their dawg.
Golden Swag is Australia’s only subscription box specifically curated for Golden Retrievers and we aim to grow to be Australia’s favourite subscription box for all dogs whilst also giving back to the dog loving community by supporting related small businesses and rescue organisations.
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