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Kizuna Box is a Japanese monthly subscription box that connects you with Japan through carefully selected 100% Made-in-Japan lifestyle items and limited edition snacks sent directly to your door from the heart of Tokyo.

As Japanese celebrate and honor the passage of time and the change of seasons each and every month with various seasonal goodies and festivals, each month in Japan has a distinct vibe to it. Our Kizuna Box is thoughtfully curated around a seasonal theme to let you experience the exact same atmosphere you otherwise would if you were in Japan that month!

Kizuna Box is available in 2 versions: Lifestyle Box and Snack Box:

Kizuna Lifestyle Box ($34.99/month + shipping) delivers to you monthly selections of 6 to 8 high-quality Japanese goodies that include ceramics, cloths, stationery, snacks and so on. Meanwhile, Kizuna Snack Box ($29.99/month + shipping) contains 13 to 16 artisanal, traditional and limited edition Japanese snack and beverage items coupled with 1 or 2 cultural and lifestyle items.

Kizuna Box ships worldwide. Shipments come with tracking information.

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