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What Do We Do?

Aside from the typical human behaviour (eat breakfast, pay bills, check Instagram, think about lunch, answer emails, fantasise about dinner) we live and breathe all things beauty with a hyperactive energy.  New products! New makeup techniques!  Innovation and development within the beauty industry! Skin science! We devour it all day, every day.

We take this feverish passion and pour it into our Maslow & Co. Beauty Boxes. We know there are women like us. Or those who want the simplicity of a carefully edited beauty box, delivered to your door every other month, to sample and experience at home.

Regardless of how you came to Maslow & Co. we are on a global beauty journey. Each Maslow & Co. Beauty Box features a collection of the most luxurious, high performing and sought after beauty products from a chosen country. Six boxes a year = 6 different countries each year! No airline ticket required.

Grab your beauty passport and come explore with us.

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