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What makes a great meal? It is a pinch of adventure, a touch of love, a heaped spoon of fun and one quarter of spice

We are Aarjit and Megna, a couple of home cooks living in the vibrant and busy city of Sydney. We are descended from a long line of spice blenders. They used their mortar and pestle to create home made, organic and small batch spices that generations have grown up with.

I remember watching my mother and grandmother choose the right herbs and spices. They used a mortar and pestle to grind the perfect mix of flavours. We couldn't find anything as good in the supermarkets and we wanted to keep this heritage of ours alive. That is why we started Spice Quarter.

We believe that cooking is as relaxing as a massage. The aroma of spices, fresh and fragrant ingredients and a cool glass of wine or a crisp beer. What better way to wind down and reconnect after a long day?

Our organic spice blends are inspired by flavours from around the world. Let us take you on a global adventure in your own kitchen.

Spice Quarter is an Australian online spice shop. We supply freshly blended, dry spice mixes with matching recipes. We have a range of spices, spice sets and gift boxes. Our spice blends combine the best and freshest herbs and spices into unique flavours. We craft simple yet delicious recipes that are easily prepared at home.
Whether you are after a few spice blends or a year's worth, whether you want it for yourself or for a friend or if you are a business that could add some spice to your products, we can help you!

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