Japanese products you need in your life

This is one of the most exciting boxes Ive received!

The Kawaii Box is filled with 8-10 kawaii products from Japan and Korea. Life without kawaii is too sad….read on to get the chance to win a Kawaii box aswell 😉

Ive lived a life of LOTS of travel and one of my favorite places in the world and somewhere I even considered to be a permanent home is Japan. There is something about the fact its so unique that gets you every time.

One of my favourite things to do was to visit the 100 Yen shops and walk the isles discovering all the crazy, odd,  useful and bang on genius products they would have.

The smells and tastes and unique quality are something I always miss.

So to get this delightful package was brilliant for me!

The package is in a beautifully bright box, covered in hearts! it was really hard to reclaim it back from my 5 year old daughter!

Inside I was delighted to read a quote Im often heard saying myself “Cuteness overload” my thoughts exactly.

Wrapped in a beautiful Pink, white and love heart tissue paper were 10 products!!



A soft and warm pair of low rise socks with the cutest happy face over your toes.

A stamp set that comes in a box with over 10 different stamps inside.This would be so cute to use for marking Homework! or even for the letters we right.

A sheet of puffy stickers all about Dolphins.

The cutest soft stuffed penguin key chain. He’s juts adorable and we would love to hang from out bag.

I LOVE the little pink and gold key chain with a burger and french fries! this one I’m defiantly keeping for myself!!

A adorable pen with a doughnut hanging form the top.

A cupcake coin purse with a key chain on it this would make finding  my coins a breeze.

A packet with a milk and strawberry eraser. These two are so cute.

Gudetama key chain which are the most adorable Japanese products meaning lazy eggs.

And also I know Kawaii always like to throw in a little snack and this time it is box of strawberry pocky which are chocolate coated biscuit sticks.

For $18.90 a box for a 6 month subscription its a whole lot of value and there is something for everyone.

We rate the kawaii box 5/5

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