The Mother’s Day Gifts That Keep on Giving

halston and river mother's day gift ideas that keep on giving

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (like literally!) and if you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling around looking for the best Mother’s Day gift that can be delivered within days! Now, I’m not just any gift giver and a bunch of flowers isn’t going to quite cut it. I’m the one who has to outdo last year and of course outdo the sisters!

In order to do that, we need to think outside the box. So, follow me for a wave on inspiration that is guaranteed to be the gift that keeps on giving this Mother’s Day.


The Pamper Club

Does your Mum love to be pampered? There is nothing better than relaxing with a hot cup of tea, a good chick flick and a rejuvenating face mask. Now, let me tell you though, these aren’t just any face masks. They’re so impressive you could wear them to a masquerade ball. Don’t believe me? We’ll wait here while you check them out!



If your Mum loves to read, then you can’t go past the Bookabuy subscription box. A new book arrives once a month tailored to your Mum interests. Beautifully gift wrapped with a card, it will be Mother’s Day every month of the year. And the best part about this one, you get to read the book afterwards, so it really is the gift that keeps on giving and giving…


Bring Joy to Mum

“Joyou” means to bring joy to you and this one will do just that. Each month your Mum will receive a special gift created by a local artisan delivered straight to her mailbox. Not only is this gift supporting local Australian artisans, is it supporting ethically made and sourced products. Your Mum could be surprised with body scrubs, jewellery, candles or even handmade ceramics. We know, how tempting is this to order two!


Head Down Gin Lane

Oh this one is definitely a contender. Who doesn’t need a Gin or 3 at the end of a busy week. If your Mum is a Gin lover then this one will hit the spot and have her in that oh so happy Gin place. Your Mum will be an expert in no time with a new monthly Gin to sink her taste buds into. So take a walk down gin lane, this one is sure to please him, her and them!


Tea Garden

For the Mums who aren’t into the alcoholic drinks, we’ve got one for the tea lovers amongst us. There is nothing worse than that box of 200 of the same old Lipton’s tea bags every day. Indulge the taste buds and tick the healthy box with an array of new tastes and textures delivered to her door each month. With flavours including Peachy Cream, It Takes Tea To Mango and even one called Candy Cane, what is not to love! I’ll bring the scones!


Seriously, we could go all day with subscription ideas for Mum and these are just a taste of what you can surprise Mum with this Mother’s Day. To get some more unique ideas, head over to our website where we have a directory full of Aussie and international subscription businesses.

So, if you’re Mum loves surprises (every single month!) then one of these awesome subscription boxes is going to get you in the best Daughter or Son books for a very long time to come. And who doesn’t need some good credits in the bank every now and then.