What Is A Subscription Box?

The doorbell rings.  The moment has finally come after a month of anticipation.  On your doorstep you see a familiar box which you swiftly sweep up and move to the kitchen counter.  You impatiently break the seal to open the box.  The box opens to reveal tissue paper overlapping with a sticker.  You break the sticker to unwrap the paper which now reveals the contents of your subscription box.  The excitement is building.  One by one you remove each product from the box, checking each one out as you place it on the kitchen counter.  You know you will have time to check them out more thoroughly but for now, you just need to satiate the thrill of opening the box and finding out what is inside! Finally, your box has arrived and you can now enjoy your subscription box, satisfied until the waiting for the next box begins…

What is a Subscription Box?

A subscription box is a box of assorted products which you can subscribe to receive on a regular basis, delivered to your doorstep.  Typically, boxes are despatched on a monthly basis.

The products can be full or sample size products and are generally packed within a particular interest eg. a beauty box, a meal prep box, or a kid activity box.  There is so much variety in the boxes available on the market that there is possibly a subscription box for ever interest.

At Halston and River we offer a curated directory of subscription boxes in the following categories:-

Most subscription box providers keep their content a surprise and it remains a mystery what the recipient will receive until they open the box.  Providers which offer customisable boxes will allow you to submit preferences to personalise the contents of your box, however like the majority of subscription box businesses the contents are not usually revealed.  Instead, the businesses may provide examples of previous boxes to give an indication of the type and standard of products that you may receive.  Some business also provide a Sneak Peak! ahead of time revealing one product which you will receive in the upcoming box.

Why are Subscription Boxes So Popular?

The element of surprise is commonly enjoyed by recipients who get a thrill not knowing what they will receive and being allowed to discover the contents in due course.  It can feel much like a birthday gift which you receive every month, rather than once a year.  Each delivery you can open the box to explore the contents and be introduced to new brands and products.

Don’t know what to give someone for their birthday or another special occasion?  Subscription boxes are a popular gift idea.  It is easy to arrange for a subscription to be delivered to your gift recipient by providing details of the recipient’s name and address at the time of purchasing your subscription.   It can also solve the problem of trying to work out what to buy someone who has everything!  Think about what that special someone’s interests are and then find a box within their interest that they will be sure to love!

How Much Do Subscription Boxes Cost?

There are a number of factors which will determine how much a subscription box costs:-

  • How many products are included in the box.
  • The quality of the products.
  • The location of the products, which will determine the shipping price.
  • The frequency of delivery.

You can expect that a box that includes more products, or more indulgent or high end items will fetch a higher subscription price.

In addition, you will need to factor in the postage fees which will be payable for each delivery.

The cost needs to be balanced with the value of the box including the value of the products provided versus the cost of the box.  It is not uncommon that the boxes value exceeds the box cost to encourage people to subscribe on an ongoing basis.  In many boxes you are able to sample products without the outlay of a full-sized product which can be a cost effective way to sample a variety of products on a smaller budget.

Before You Subscribe

Here is a list of things to consider before you purchase your subscription box:-

  • Frequency – How often will you receive a box?  When can you expect to receive your box?
  • Availability – What happens if the box of the month sells out?
  • Price – Is the cost once off, or under a continuing arrangement?  On what day of the month will you be billed?
  • Cancellation Policy – What do you have to do to cancel an ongoing subscription?  How much notice is required for cancellation?
  • Refund Policy – What is the provider’s policy for refunds in the event the box is damaged in transit, or there is some other reason warranting a refund?

Most providers detail the terms and conditions on their website on a dedicated terms and conditions page (or the like), or a Frequently Asked Questions page.  Halston and River recommends that you review this information carefully prior to subscribing.

Finding the Perfect Subscription Box Made Easy

At Halston and River, we have curated a Directory of subscription boxes which service Australia, the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates.

Browse our Directory to view all our Members and easily navigate to the member websites to view their featured subscription boxes for every interest.

You can also browse our featured subscription boxes by Category making it easier for you to find the subscription box you are looking for.

Subscribe to our blog and newsletter for regular updates where we will introduce new subscription boxes, provide reviews and a peak into boxes.  We also take a look “behind the brands” and so much more.

Halston and River is your one-stop-shop for all your subscription box needs.

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